For Universities

Spark takes financial barriers out of the equation – for students and universities. Higher education can be life changing. However, it can also be expensive. This cost creates two significant problems for universities:

  • A large number of international students are unable to study at their university, despite being academically talented.
  • Many students rely on friends or family to pay their tuition. This creates financial hardship on those closest to the student, leading to unnecessary stress for students and family.

A Quick & Simple Process

Spark Finance makes it easy for Universities to help their students access tuition assistance. Please contact Spark Finance directly if your university would like to hear more about the simple and easy ways we are enabling universities to financially assist their students.

Students apply online for a tuition loan: Students can apply for a Spark Finance tuition loan via our simple online application.

Universities invoice student or Spark: Universities can issue invoices to the student or directly to Spark, whichever is their preferred method.

Spark pays tuition fees: Spark Finance will pay tuition fees on time and in full directly to the university via their preferred payment method.

Key Benefits for Universities

Increased Talent Pool

Spark offers funding options for international students who would otherwise be unable to attend university because of financial constraints. For example, 80% of postgraduate international students who attend Australian universities rely on assistance from their friends or family to fund their degree.

Less Admin

An easy to establish partnership with Spark Finance that reduces administration cost on chasing late fees and reconciling payments.

More Diversity

A more diverse classroom by enabling students from all backgrounds and regions to attend university.