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Spark Finance is an Australian company that wants to democratise education.

Education is critical in helping people from all across the globe unlock their potential. However, international higher education is expensive and these costs mean many are unable to undertake the education they need to change their lives.

We work with universities, investors and other affiliates to provide affordable and innovative tuition loans for students.

Educational finance that bridges the gap

Spark Finance offers three different products to help university students.

  1. Tuition loans for Australian and New Zealand students studying overseas

2. Tuition loans for international students studying at Australian universities

3. Refinancing existing tertiary student loans from other loan providers with competitive terms.

A path to the education you deserve

Spark Finance’s mission is to enable anybody who would like to further their careers through education, access the best universities in the world. 

By democratising education, we help unlock personal potential and create future leaders.