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Deciding to pursue an MBA is a big move, and if you’re an Aussie or Kiwi considering studying abroad, Cambridge should be high on your list. Known for its mix of rich history, top-notch education, and vibrant culture, Cambridge offers an experience like no other. Here’s why you should consider making Cambridge your next big adventure.

Why Cambridge?

1. Top-Notch Education

The University of Cambridge, with its famous Judge Business School, is always ranked among the best in the world. The MBA program here is tough, but it’s designed to really make you think and grow as a leader in the global business world. Plus, you’ll be learning from some of the best minds in the business.

2. Historical and Cultural Vibes

Cambridge isn’t just about hitting the books; it’s about soaking up the history and culture too. Imagine studying in a city with centuries-old architecture, like King’s College Chapel, and picturesque spots like the River Cam. The blend of old-school charm and modern vibes makes it a great place to live and learn.

3. Global Network

With students from all over the world, Cambridge is a melting pot of cultures and ideas. As an MBA student, you’ll meet and work with people from all sorts of backgrounds, giving you a global perspective that’s crucial in today’s business world.

The MBA Program at Cambridge Judge

1. Curriculum and Specialisations

The MBA program at Cambridge Judge covers all the bases—finance, marketing, operations, and strategy. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. You can choose specialisations and electives that match your career goals, whether that’s entrepreneurship, social innovation, or international business.

2. Real World Experience

Cambridge Judge doesn’t just teach theory; it’s big on practical learning too. With projects, internships, and consulting gigs, you’ll get to apply what you learn in real-world settings. The Global Consulting Project is a highlight, giving you the chance to work on real challenges for top companies.

3. Entrepreneurial Hotspot

Got a business idea? Cambridge is the place to be. Known as Europe’s largest tech cluster, Silicon Fen is packed with resources for startups. The Judge Business School supports new ventures with programs and resources to help you turn your ideas into reality.

Living in Cambridge

1. Accommodation and Lifestyle

From university halls to private rentals, Cambridge has a range of accommodation options. The city is compact and easy to get around, so you’ll quickly feel at home. And with London just a short train ride away, you get the best of both worlds—a peaceful study environment and the excitement of a big city nearby.

2. Cultural and Social Scene

There’s always something happening in Cambridge. With museums, galleries, theaters, and music venues, you’ll never be bored. Plus, there are plenty of festivals and events throughout the year. If you’re into sports, you can row on the River Cam or join one of the many college sports teams.

Tips for ANZ Students

1. Cambridge MBA Application Process

Getting into Cambridge Judge is competitive with a 31% acceptance rate, so start preparing early. Craft a strong personal statement, gather glowing references, and highlight your achievements. Make sure you check the specific entry requirements and deadlines on the official website.

2. Financial Planning

Studying abroad can be pricey, but there are scholarships, grants, and loans available. Cambridge Judge offers several scholarships based on merit and need, so be sure to explore your options. If you require support with financing to bridge a funding gap, Spark Finance is here to help. 

3. Adapting to a New Environment

Moving to a new country can be a bit daunting, but Cambridge’s friendly community will help you settle in. Get involved in student societies, attend events, and use university support services. Embracing the new culture will make your MBA journey even more rewarding.


An MBA from Cambridge isn’t just about earning a degree; it’s a life-changing experience that will prepare you for success in the global business world. For ANZ students, Cambridge offers a mix of academic excellence, cultural richness, and professional opportunities that’s hard to beat. So, why wait? Let Cambridge be the backdrop to your next big adventure in business education.