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Thinking about pursuing an MBA? If you’re from Australia or New Zealand and considering studying overseas, UCLA’s Anderson School of Management should definitely be on your list. Nestled in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, UCLA Anderson offers a world-class education, a dynamic campus life, and endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Here’s why UCLA could be your perfect MBA destination.

Why UCLA Anderson?

1. Reputation for Excellence

UCLA Anderson is consistently ranked among the top business schools globally. The school’s commitment to academic excellence and innovative teaching methods attracts students from all over the world. An MBA from UCLA is a highly respected credential that can significantly boost career prospects.

2. UCLA MBA Curriculum

UCLA Anderson’s MBA program is designed to be both rigorous and flexible. The core curriculum covers all essential business disciplines, from finance to marketing, while a wide range of electives allows you to tailor your education to your career goals. Whether you’re interested in entrepreneurship, entertainment, or technology, you’ll find courses that suit your interests.

3. Diverse and Inclusive Community

UCLA prides itself on its diverse and inclusive community. As an MBA student, you’ll be part of a cohort that includes people from different industries, backgrounds and cultures. This diversity enriches the learning experience and prepares you for working in a globalised business environment.

The MBA Program at UCLA Anderson

1. UCLA MBA Program Options

UCLA offers a variety of MBA programs to suit different needs, including full-time, fully employed, and executive MBAs. Additionally, the university provides advanced degrees such as a Ph.D. program, a Master of Financial Engineering, and a Master of Science in Business Analytics.

2. Hands-On Learning Opportunities

UCLA Anderson emphasises practical learning. Programs like the Applied Management Research (AMR) project allow you to work on real business problems for actual companies. This hands-on experience is invaluable and helps bridge the gap between theory and practice.

3. Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

For those with entrepreneurial ambitions, UCLA Anderson is a fantastic place to be. The Price Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation provides resources, mentorship, and support for startups. Whether you have a business idea or want to join a high-growth venture, UCLA Anderson offers a supportive environment to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit.

Life at UCLA

1. Accommodation and Campus Life

UCLA offers various housing options, from on-campus residences to nearby apartments. Living close to campus allows you to fully engage with the university community. UCLA’s beautiful campus is buzzing with activities, from sports events to cultural festivals, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic student life.

2. Los Angeles: The City of Angels

Los Angeles is a city like no other. Known for its entertainment industry, sunny weather, and diverse culture, LA provides a rich backdrop for your MBA studies. The city is home to numerous industries, including technology, finance, and healthcare, providing ample networking and career opportunities. Plus, the beach is always nearby for a quick study break!

Why Choose UCLA Anderson Over Other Business Schools?

1. Strategic Location

UCLA’s location in Los Angeles offers unparalleled access to major industries and business hubs. The connections you can make here, especially in entertainment, tech, and startups, are invaluable. The proximity to Silicon Beach, LA’s tech hub, provides unique opportunities for internships and employment in cutting-edge companies.

2. Strong Alumni Network

UCLA Anderson boasts a strong and supportive alumni network. With over 39,000 alumni worldwide, being part of this network can open doors and provide ongoing career support. For Australian and New Zealand students, this global network is particularly beneficial for making international connections and finding career opportunities around the world.

3. Focus on Leadership and Collaboration

UCLA Anderson places a strong emphasis on leadership and teamwork. The school’s Leadership@Anderson program helps you develop essential leadership skills through workshops, mentoring, and practical experiences. The collaborative culture at Anderson encourages teamwork and helps you build strong relationships with your peers.

UCLA MBAs Statistics

1. Selective Admissions

UCLA Anderson is highly selective, with an acceptance rate of about 12-15%. The typical admitted student has a median GMAT score of around 715 and an average GPA of approximately 3.6. Additionally, applicants usually have 4-5 years of professional experience, often with significant achievements and leadership roles.

2. Diverse Student Body

The program attracts a diverse group of students, with about 33% international students from over 40 countries. This diversity creates a rich learning environment where students can learn from each other’s varied perspectives and experiences.

3. Career Success

Graduates from UCLA Anderson enjoy strong career prospects. The employment rate three months after graduation is over 90%, with an average starting salary of approximately $130,000. Graduates find opportunities in top companies across various industries, including consulting, technology, and finance.

4. Strong ROI

UCLA Anderson offers a strong return on investment. The combination of a relatively moderate tuition compared to other top business schools and high post-graduation salaries makes it a financially sound choice. Additionally, the extensive network and career services support help maximise your investment in your education.

Tips for Australian and New Zealand Students

1. UCLA Application Process

Applying to UCLA Anderson requires careful preparation. Focus on crafting a compelling personal statement, securing strong recommendations, and showcasing your leadership and professional achievements. Be sure to check the specific entry requirements and deadlines on the UCLA Anderson website. Learn more about UCLAs acceptance rate.

2. Financial Planning

Studying at UCLA is a significant investment, but there are numerous scholarships, grants, and loan options available. UCLA Anderson offers various financial aid packages based on need and merit, so explore all your options and plan your finances carefully. If you require support with financing to bridge a funding gap, Spark Finance is here to help. 

3. Adapting to a New Environment

Moving to a new country can be challenging, but UCLA’s welcoming community makes the transition smoother. Engage with student groups, participate in events, and use the support services available. Embracing the new culture and experiences will make your MBA journey even more rewarding.


An MBA from UCLA Anderson is more than just a degree; it’s a transformative experience that prepares you for leadership in the global business arena. For students from Australia and New Zealand, the combination of UCLA’s academic rigour, strategic location, and vibrant campus life makes it an unbeatable choice. So, take the leap and let UCLA Anderson be the backdrop for your next big adventure in business education.