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New York University’s Stern School of Business is one of the top universities in New York City, United States and it is ranked #19 in QS International Trade Ranking 2023. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village with a campus in Westchester, NYU Stern is well known for its management education and research centers. 

NYU Stern Business School Acceptance Rate and Average GMAT

The acceptance rate for NYU Stern Business School MBA Program varies. For the class entering in 2022, the NYU Stern acceptance rate was 27%. For the class entering in 2023, the NYU Stern acceptance rate was 31%. In 2025, NYU Stern received 3,075 applications and admitted 966 applicants, marking an acceptance rate of 31% this year.

The average GMAT score for the 2025 class at NYU Stern is 732. The GMAT middle 80% range is 700 to 760. 

NYU Stern Business School MBA Program Application Process

Building a Bright  Track Record

While strong grades (think a GPA above 3.2 with a quantitative focus) matter, Stern looks for proven performers. 

Highlight your work experience, but ditch the generic resume fluff. Focus on quantifiable achievements, strategic wins and leadership moments. Did you spearhead a project that saved your company millions? Negotiate a game-changing deal?  These are the stories that make Stern take notice. 

  • Quantify your accomplishments with metrics that showcase your impact and business judgement. Include evidence of leadership skills. Did you lead teams to victory or mentor junior colleagues? Highlight instances where you demonstrated initiative and the ability to inspire others.


The GMAT is your passport to Stern. Aim for a score that reflects your business skills  (think above 700). Treat the GMAT like a worthy adversary, one you’ll conquer with strategic prep and focused study.

  • Identify your weaknesses: Take practice tests to pinpoint areas needing improvement. Allocate targeted study time to dominate those sections.
  • Invest in your success: Consider reputable GMAT prep courses or official study materials to maximise your score potential.

Your Story

Your personal statement isn’t just an essay,it’s your elevator pitch to the Stern admissions committee. Explain why now is the perfect time to pursue a postgraduate degree and how Stern can help you to become a future game changer. 

  • Why Now, Why Stern?: Clearly articulate the “why” behind your application. Explain what propels you to pursue this program at this stage in your career and why Stern is the ideal fit for your ambitions.
  • What Makes You Special?: Showcase the unique skills and experiences you bring to the table. How will you contribute to the vibrant Stern community and elevate the program’s reputation?
  • The Road Ahead: Outline your post Stern career aspirations and how this degree will equip you to dominate the business world.

Securing Powerful Recommendations

Seek recommendation letters from supervisors who’ve witnessed your brilliance firsthand. Choose individuals who can speak to your strategic thinking, leadership potential, and ability to thrive in a pressure-cooker environment.

  • Target the right recommenders: Don’t settle for generic praise. Choose recommenders who can provide specific examples and anecdotes that showcase your leadership qualities and business acumen.
  • Fueling powerful recommendations: Briefly explain your program goals and relevant achievements to guide your recommenders in crafting impactful letters.

Financial Aid and Scholarships: Funding Your Ascent

NYU Stern offers scholarships and financial aid opportunities, but explore all avenues. Research external scholarships, investigate loan options, and consider if a part-time job during your studies might be feasible.

Start early and be proactive: Scholarship deadlines vary. Begin researching funding options well in advance and don’t hesitate to connect with alumni or career counsellors for guidance.

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The Interview

An interview invite is a badge of honour.  Research the program, its faculty, and current business trends. Prepare insightful questions and practice articulating your vision for the future. This is your chance to showcase your business acumen, communication skills, and unwavering ambition.

  • Practice makes perfect: Rehearse your interview responses beforehand, focusing on clarity, confidence, and an air of “I belong here.”
  • Dress for success: Project a professional image. Business attire is the standard, and confident body language goes a long way.

Additional Considerations: Program-Specific Nuances

While the core application process remains consistent across many Stern programs, some might have additional requirements.

  • Tailored essays: Certain programs might require additional essays focusing on specific aspects of your career goals or industry experience. Ensure these essays are well-written, tailored to the program, and adhere to any specified word count limitations.