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Spark and Sofiri have today announced a partnership enabling Spark to provide tuition assistance to Sofiri’s international students. Finance is one of the main barriers for many international students when trying to achieve their international study goals. This partnership will ensure Sofiri’s students will be able to seamlessly connect with Spark and its unique offering: to provide tuition assistance to international students studying at Australia’s leading universities.

Sofiri is a leading Australian edtech company that supports aspiring students achieve their education goals. Using its unique technology, Sofiri combines technological efficiency with personal care, ensuring its students have all the knowledge, tools and expertise needed to make one of the most critical decisions of their lives.

Spark and Sofiri want to help students achieve their education goals in Australia. Both these companies come at the problem from unique perspectives; Sofiri wishes to ensure students have access to all relevant information that is necessary to navigate the process of choosing the right university and degree. Spark wants to remove finance as a barrier to education and help students study at the institution of their choice, not simply the one they can afford. By working together, Sofiri and Spark will enhance their own offerings whilst providing added benefit to international students that want to study in Australia.

The partnership comes at a unique time for higher education in Australia. Australia has shut its borders during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has helped Australia navigate the worst of the pandemic, but it has also impacted international students’ study goals. Sofiri and Spark hope that through this partnership they will be able to assist some of those international students.

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