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For years, one European school has been the world-leading business school from which Australian and New Zealanders clamour to get an Offer Letter. That school is INSEAD. Located in France, INSEAD has an unwavering reputation for excellence in international business education, that offers a unique and truly immersive experience for ANZ students. 

INSEAD is one of the few truly global business schools. It is continually ranked in the Top 5 business schools and the only non-US school that continually challenges the likes of Harvard, Stanford and Wharton for being viewed as the best in the world. Its global reputation for academic excellence and innovative thinking make it an attractive destination for ANZ students seeking to develop their business acumen and broaden their international perspective. This reputation is driven by the faculty of world-renowned professors and one of the most diverse student bodies in any business school; representing over 160 nationalities. 

This diversity of student body and faculty, along with several global locations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, means INSEAD is specifically designed to prepare students for success in the global business landscape. It provides students with a truly global experience that allows them to develop an understanding of business practices and cultures in different regions of the world. The Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) is an example of flexibility and diversity that INSEAD strives for in its courses. Delivered across multiple campuses and enabling people to continue to work while they study, this course is perfect for ANZ students seeking to continue work whilst accelerating their careers. 

INSEAD’s reputation is also driven by its highly customizable courses that allow its students to tailor their studies to their personal and professional goals. ANZ students will be pleased to know that INSEAD has a wide range of electives and specializations to choose from, arguably more than any business school in the world! This flexibility is hugely beneficial for ANZ students as they seek careers offshore or explore the option of building businesses at home. 

INSEAD’s strong alumni network provides students with access to a wide range of career opportunities and professional contacts. The school has over 60,000 alumni in more than 170 countries, including strong networks both in Australia and New Zealand (INSEAD alumnus dominate the Sydney business scene!), with over 2,000 members. INSEAD graduates are highly sought after by employers around the world. This is particularly relevant for Australians, as they often face challenges breaking into international markets due to their country’s isolation and limited business networks.

With its undeniable global reputation for academic excellence, international focus, flexibility, and strong alumni network, INSEAD is an excellent choice for ANZ seeking to accelerate their careers either home or abroad.

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