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Studying in Australia can be a life-changing experience but it can also be expensive. If you consider the average living costs, Australia can be one of the most expensive countries for international students to study in.

The costs, while high, shouldn’t stop you from studying in Australia. By better understanding your costs you can achieve your study goals without the financial pressure.

Postgraduate study in Australia is a worthwhile endeavour to enhance your career opportunities. The price of postgraduate study in Australia can vary, according to your degree and university. The table below provides a summary of annualised tuition fees based on Australian universities and degrees.

Masters of BusinessMasters of EngineeringMaster of Arts
Group of 8 university$53,183$39,078$31,591
Australian Technology Network university$38,802$34,146$28,192

In addition to 12 months of tuition fees, the Australian Department of Home Affairs requires proof that you can cover various other costs to secure your student visa. These costs are:

  1. Travel costs to and from Australia
  2. 12 months of living costs
  3. School fees for any school-age children

The Australian Government has set out guidelines for the above costs. The below table sets out the minimum and maximum guideline costs for the above items.

Minimum guidelineMaximum guideline
Travel costs$1,000 (e.g. applying from in Australia)$3,000 (e.g. if applying from West Africa)
Living costs$21,041 (if travelling by yourself)$31,555 (if traveling with your partner and any dependents)
School fees for any school-age children$8,296 per child

Using the above figures, a postgraduate student can be expected to show proof of funds from $49,316 to upwards of $96,034.

While postgraduate study in Australia is worth this investment it’s worth being prepared for these expenses. That means:

  1. Creating a budget for your studies, including a buffer for afterwards while you look for employment.
  2. Speaking with Spark about how we can help with your study plans.

In addition to helping with your tuition, Spark can also provide proof of funds evidence to the Australian government for your visa application.

Speak to Spark Finance today about help with your tuition or proof of funds.

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