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Stanford University received 53,733 applications for admission to the Class of 2027 and 2,099 students were admitted, which means that the University’s most recent acceptance rate is 3.9%. According to Stanford’s official website, 15% of the accepted applications for the class of 2027 are international students, 57% graduated from public high schools, 27% from private high schools and 1% were homeschooled.

Stanford University Admissions

Stanford University consistently ranks among the world’s top academic institutions, and its allure extends to aspiring postgraduate students. But gaining admission to a Stanford graduate program is a challenging feat. Prospective students face an incredibly competitive admissions process with acceptance rates hovering around 4% for the overall program.

This ultra-selective environment is further emphasised when considering individual programs.  While some programs, like Earth Sciences, boast acceptance rates of around 14%, others, like the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business, can dip as low as 1%.

There’s a silver lining, however.  Stanford, committed to fostering diversity, has shown an upward trend in international student admissions.  The class of 2025, for instance, saw a rise in international students to 12%, up from 9.9% the previous year.


While top grades (think GPA around 3.96 or High Distinctions) and strong standardised test scores (think around a UAI of 98.00+) are a given, Stanford seeks well-rounded individuals. The crucial factors include exceptional research experience, a compelling personal statement showcasing passion and purpose, and a demonstrated commitment to the chosen field.

For those aiming to crack Stanford’s postgraduate code, meticulous research into specific programs and crafting a standout application are essential. Remember, while the acceptance rate might seem daunting, focusing on excellence and a unique profile can increase your chances of becoming a Stanford graduate student.

Stanford University Financial Aid

Stanford University offers a variety of funding options for graduate students. The institution evaluates academic merit, financial need, course of study or degree program. You can apply online through their financial aid website.

External funding is also a possibility. Spark Finance offers a tuition loan product tailored especially for international students. Please see more information about options for Australian and New Zealand students looking to study at Stanford in our FAQs about student loans. You can also apply now

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