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Situated in the financial capital of the world, Columbia Business School has an unmatched access to the world leaders of business and finance and delivers a comprehensive and forward-looking MBA. It is for these reasons that it was ranked by the Financial Times as the number one business school in the world in 2023 and is also one of several reasons why Australian and New Zealanders should consider pursuing their MBA here.

First and foremost, Columbia’s MBA is founded on a rigorous academic curriculum, which is designed to challenge and inspire students. The school’s faculty includes some of the world’s leading experts in business, finance, and economics, and they have over 100 adjunct practitioners from some of the world’s leading corporations to provide invaluable insights into the business world.

In addition to these adjunct practitioners, future ANZ students would gain unparalleled access to industry leaders at Columbia. It is no surprise that New York is home to some of the world’s sharpest business operators in a variety of industries, including finance, media, technology, and healthcare. In attending Columbia, ANZ students have the opportunity to network with executives and entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of these industries. Not to mention engaging with your fellow students – with a class of over 750 you would be able to engage with a variety of viewpoints and backgrounds. 

As Columbia is at the heart of the financial world it is able to offer students  a wide range of experiential learning opportunities, including internships, consulting projects, and international study programs. These opportunities allow future ANZ students to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the classroom to real-world business challenges, and to gain valuable experience that can help them stand out in the job market.

Finally, Columbia Business School has a strong alumni network (currently more than 48,000!) that can provide students with valuable connections and resources throughout their careers. The school’s alumni include some of the most successful and influential business leaders in the world, and many are actively involved in mentoring and supporting current students. This includes, Warren Buffett, Henry Kravis, founder of KKR, and Sallie Krawcheck, the co-founder of Ellevest, a female focused financial advisor.

Australian students who are interested in pursuing an MBA should definitely consider Columbia Business School as a top choice. With its rigorous academic curriculum, unparalleled access to industry leaders and organizations, wide range of experiential learning opportunities, and strong alumni network, Columbia offers a unique and valuable learning experience that can help students achieve their career goals and make a positive impact on the world. Spark continues to help ANZ students that wish to achieve their study dreams at Columbia and would be happy to discuss how we can help you attend Columbia.

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