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More and more Australians and New Zealanders (ANZ) want to study their MBA abroad, in order to gain a wider perspective on business and to enhance their global network. One popular destination for ANZ students is the University of Oxford’s Said Business School. Spark has been helping ANZ students with their study at Oxford for a number of years. In this article, we discuss the benefits of studying an MBA at Said Business School.

Said Business School is consistently ranked among the top business schools in the world, and is particularly renowned for its focus on social entrepreneurship and innovation. Said is also a part of the prestigious University of Oxford, and it engages closely with the wide university to deliver a truly unique experience for its students as it is able to leverage the expertise of world-leading academics to create a truly unique and excellent MBA course. Not only would you learn from business-leaders but also experts in other academic fields, such as the humanities and sciences. ANZ students who graduate from Said Business School will have a degree that is not only highly respected and recognised by employers worldwide but also distinct from other MBA programs because of its ability to integrate itself with Oxford as a world-leading university.

Said also offers a unique and diverse learning environment. Its class of over 300 students is composed of people from over 60 countries, allowing ANZ candidates to interact with and learn from people from all over the world, whether that be a banker from New York or a social entrepreneur from South Africa. This exposure to diverse perspectives is extremely valuable for ANZ students who are interested in pursuing a career in an interconnected world. 

Another benefit of studying at Said is the school’s strong focus on social entrepreneurship and innovation. The Skoll Centre of Social Entrepreneurship, part of Said, is a leader in the field of social entrepreneurship and helps entrepreneurs and business leaders create an impact in business and beyond. This reputation as a world-leader in social impact, an increasing focus for many organisations, has been a large driver for ANZ students looking to study at Said Business School. 

Finally, studying at Said can be an exciting and rewarding experience for ANZ students as they engage with the broader university. Oxford is a beautiful and historic city, with a vibrant student community and a range of cultural and social activities; whether that be learning from world-leading academics, observing debates at the famous Oxford Union, or dining in college halls made famous by the Harry Potter movies!  Studying at Said can give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in this unique and stimulating environment, and to make lifelong connections with people from all over the world.

If you’re an ANZ student and considering an MBA, we strongly recommend that you consider the University of Oxford’s Said Business School as a top choice for your studies. Please reach out to Spark if you have any questions or like to learn more about this fantastic opportunity.

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